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9 Pack - Cake Drums in 3 Sizes (8, 10, 12 Inch) & in 3 Colors (White, Silver, Gold) | 1/2" Thick Cake Board Rounds, Sturdy & Greaseproof, Perfect for Heavy/Tiered Cakes

9 Pack - Cake Drums in 3 Sizes (8, 10, 12 Inch) & in 3 Colors (White, Silver, Gold) | 1/2" Thick Cake Board Rounds, Sturdy & Greaseproof, Perfect for Heavy/Tiered Cakes

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Brand: BOARDS+
Color: White + Silver + Gold
Material: Cardboard
Product Dimensions: 12"L x 12"W x 0.5"H
Finish Type: Polished

ULTRA STRONG & RELIABLE - Our cake drums are made with 0.5" thick double corrugated cardboard core that is built to withstand the weight of even the heaviest cakes. Whether you're stacking cakes up to 4 tiers, transporting your creations, or showcasing them at an event, rest assured our cake drums will keep your cakes safe and secure. Transport your cake with confidence and peace of mind. For best results, choose a cake drum that is 2 inches larger than your cake.

SLEEK & GREASEPROOF - A gloss-coated foil wraps along sides of the boards tightly with a second layer on top of it covering the top surface, rendering a smooth, polished looking cake drum that does not have ugly creases on the rim. It also prevents staining from frostings like buttercream or fondant. They are disposable and can be reusable once wiped clean of grease on the surface. Beware! The seam along the edge allows grease to creep in, so be extra careful when working with buttercream!

GREAT LOOKING & IMPRESSIVE - Our cake drums are made with the best quality materials to give an elegant appearance to your cakes. The finish is embossed with a beautiful pattern that will impress your guests and set your cakes apart from others, compared to using other cheap boards! Perfect for birthday, anniversary, and wedding occasions. Perfect for birthday, anniversary and wedding occasions.

ELEVATE YOUR WORK - Our exclusive free prop up tool makes handling your cakes easier. Insert the sticky foam circles to create a gap beneath the cake round as support, allowing you to easily slide your fingers under the cake and picking it up. Picking up your cake is made easier by our exclusive BOARDS+ accessory. Our bulk pack bundles are a great way to save money on your cake drums with a variety of sizes and pack quantities to choose from.

CERTIFIED FOOD SAFE & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Our products have been tested to comply with the California Proposition 65, FDA, CFR and other relevant regulations. We stand behind the quality of our products. If you’re not satisfied at all, we will replace your cake drums at no cost, or reimburse your purchase entirely. Order today risk-free!

Discover your hidden talents as a pastry chef by utilizing our cake drum sets!

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Our cake drum sets provide a sturdy base for layer cakes, come in various sizes and shapes, and add an elegant touch to your cake presentation. They are an excellent investment for both professional pastry chefs and baking enthusiasts.

Strong & Durable

Beautiful Luxury Finish for Professional Presentation

Choose the Right Type of Cake Drums for Your Needs

Make Life Easier

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Established in 2018, Simply Creations is dedicated to offering customers the broadest range of reasonably priced cake making products available. In 2021, our Boards+ brand was successfully trademarked and has since expanded its offerings to include a diverse selection of cake boards and containers.

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